Qatar Lubricants Co. (QALCO) is a  first of its kind blending plant, manufacturer, distributor, marketer of premium lubricating oils, greases, oilfield chemicals and energy related services to automotive, industrial, marine, oil and gas industry customers across the State of Qatar.


QALCO’s comprehensive product range caters to consumer’s needs for all types of vehicles, equipment and machinery for optimum performance. Our segments include passenger cars, motorcycle, commercial transport, industrial, agriculture, racing, marine, and mining solutions. At QALCO, product excellence is the norm, full customer satisfaction is the aim and in between is the strong working relationship as partners towards a greater unified goal.


QALCO provides customized solutions to its clientele which include contract chemical manufacturing / toll blending, terminal and bulk chemical storage solutions, warehousing, containerization, transloading and access to a state-of-the-art laboratory designed to provide quality assurance and control. This chemicals division is operated in partnership with a US based chemicals industry leader Third Coast International. QALCO covers the entire process from blending and quality control to storage and delivery, making it a valuable supplier for large scale clients in need of chemical products and services.


For a modern company with a global scope of operations, logistic capacity can be the limiting factor that determines the maximum speed of its international growth. Aware of this fact, QALCO has invested a lot of time, attention, and resources to build up its logistics sector and achieve full independence in transporting raw materials and finished products to the intended destination quickly and cost-efficiently. QALCO’s dedication to fast and expedient service goes hand in hand with its technological orientation and use of automation to make its operations even more reliable and its products more affordable. We don’t view logistics as merely a supplementary activity, but rather an essential pillar of our business system and a key precondition for strong sales. In this way, we are pushing up the standards for speedy deliveries in the industrial sector and helping our partners get a better and more timely service when they purchase products from QALCO.