Synolic AW 32

QALCO Synolic AW Oils are super performance anti-wear hydraulic oils formulated from synthetic base stocks and carefully balanced anti-wear/anti-oxidant additives. Their outstanding shear stability allows their use in high-pressure, high temperature operating environments for extended periods of time without the loss of critical lubrication characteristics because of their chemically stable nature they resist varnish and sludge formation. Designed to work in systems operating under severe conditions where high levels of anti-wear and film strength protection are needed, it can be used in both high and low temperature hydraulic systems for industrial and mobile applications ideally suited for lubrication of gear, vane, and piston pumps and also be in circulation systems, bearing systems, machine tools and gear cases, which operate over a wide temperature range due to their controlled low temperature and excellent anti-wear properties.

Type of Oil

Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic)

Viscosity Grade





DIN 51524-3 HVLP