Q1 5W-30 SN

QALCO Q1 is a blend of 100% synthetic base stock (PAO) for the best performance. Q1 oil has naturally high resistance to changes in viscosity due to temperature caused by the synthetic base oil structure. This results in a heavier more stable protective oil film for engine bearings and piston rings.
is designed for ultimate extra protection of passenger car and light truck gasoline or diesel engines requiring API Service SN, SM, SL or CF. It improves fuel economy, exceeds the newest fuel efficiency rating, its cold-temperature performance reduces the load on battery-started engines, especially at temperatures below -18°C. Q1 is especially suitable for high-performance cars particularly hot-running or heavily loaded vehicles.
It provides benefits of extending engine life by reducing wear, flow at -42°C that allow faster cold starts and its compatible with mineral-based or conventional motor oils.

Type of Oil

Petrol Engine Oil

Viscosity Grade