Glycol Water Mixture 50% – 50%

QALCO Glycol Water Mixture 50% – 50% is a coolant composed of 50% mono ethylene glycol and 50% de-mineralized water incorporated with special oxidation and corrosion inhibitors providing efficient thermal conductivity, protects cooling system from corrosion and deposit with typical drain intervals meeting or exceeding 80,000 KM. It protects against overheating and freeze-ups as it has rust & corrosion inhibitors protecting aluminum and other metal engine parts prolonging radiator life. Special corrosion inhibitors prevent and protect a wide variety of metals in the cooling system and its formulated to provide improved heat transfer efficiency while minimizing deposit formation in closed systems, both at low & high temperatures. Meets the requirements of a wide range of equipment manufacturers and is suitable for both heavy duty diesel & automotive engines.

Type of Oil

Ethylene Glycol

Viscosity Grade





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