QALCO’s comprehensive product range caters to consumer’s needs for all types of vehicles, equipment and machinery for optimum performance. Our segments include passenger car, motorcycle, commercial transport, industrial, agriculture, racing, marine, and mining solutions. At QALCO, product excellence is the norm, full customer satisfaction is the aim and in between is the strong working relationship as partners towards a greater unified goal.



Petrol Engine Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Oil, Calibration Oil, Flushing Oil, Brake Fluid, Tractor Oil (UTTO)


Multi-purpose Grease, Extreme Pressure Grease, Marine applications, Wire-rope


Hydraulic Oil, Circulating Oil, Compressor Oil, Flushing Oil, Cutting Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, Turbine Oil, Gear Oil


Air Filter Oil, Cable Fluid, Mould Release Agent, Pneumatic Tools Oil, Spindle Oil, White Mineral Oil, Slideway, Multi-purpose Spray, Distilled Water


Ethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Radiator Coolant, Glycol Mixture

Car Care

Fuel System Cleaners, Octane Booster, Engine Flush, Oil Treatment


Marine Diesel Engine Oil, System Oils, Cylinder Oils, Trunk Piston Oil