For a modern company with a global scope of operations, logistic capacity can be the limiting factor that determines the progression of its international growth. Aware of this fact, QALCO has invested a lot of time, effort, and resources to build up its logistics sector and achieve full independence in transporting raw materials and finished products to the intended destination quickly and cost-efficiently. QALCO’s dedication towards fast and expedient service goes hand in hand with its technological orientation and use of automation to make its operations even more reliable and its products more affordable. We don’t view logistics as merely a supplementary activity, but rather an essential pillar of our business system and a key precondition for strong sales. In this way, we are pushing up the standards for fast deliveries in the industrial sector and helping our partners get a better, more timely service when they purchase products from QALCO.



To deliver large shipments to distant locations, it’s frequently necessary to combine multiple modes of transportation. Instead of allowing the inter-modal transfers to become choke points and slow up the logistics operations, QALCO has developed extensive transloading expertise that ensures smooth transport from start to finish. Drawing from the experiences of petrochemical companies from Qatar and introducing innovations based on its own conclusions, QALCO has found effective solutions to handle multimodal cargos with the need for repackaging and efficiently handle transloading duties with its own resources. This greatly simplifies collaboration with offshore partners and makes our services more competitive in the global market, contributing to QALCO’s long term vision.

Custom Clearance

Administrative barriers and border procedures are one of the most unpredictable elements that can significantly slow down important deliveries and cause costly delays. Fully aware of the bureaucratic burdens typically associated with export/import activities, QALCO has systematically worked on improvement of its internal procedures and establishing collaboration with local customs authorities. As a result, our shipments can obtain customs clearance faster and spend less time stuck in the port or at the border, which plays a huge role in ensuring that we can always meet our contractual obligations. This also allows QALCO to offer advice and assistance to third party companies working with Qatari authorities.

Bulk Storage

For a company of QALCO’s size and global stature, there is no delivery too large to handle. Its professional logistics team has a lot of experience in this regard, and uses a combination of traditional methods and cutting edge smart solutions to streamline transportation and handling of products in bulk quantities. QALCO possesses all the necessary material and organizational assets to make the transfer procedure as affordable and convenient as possible, saving our partners and clients the need to handle bulky cargos on their own or pay for commercial transportation rates. QALCO can ensure that bulk goods are transported via the quickest route and with the lowest possible overhead, diligently controlling every step of the journey