Dedication of the ownership and financial success of the company have fueled intense investment into infrastructural assets. As a result, QALCO owns impressive manufacturing capacities for a range of different products, with modern plants equipped with the latest machines and advanced safety systems. QALCO’s facility is situated within the port area of Mesaieed Industrial City, which is approximately 40 kms south of the capital city, Doha. While lubricants and chemicals blending plant forms the key asset of the company, grease manufacturing facility, in-house oil testing laboratory, plastic packaging plant and state of the art warehousing facility round up the range of capabilities that place the company far ahead of any competitors in the region. In addition to material assets, the company owns cutting-edge technology and advanced know-how for all important processes within its business domain. Thanks to those assets, QALCO is able to integrate its operations vertically and stay competitive on the international market regardless of the current conditions.

Blending Facility 

The only blending plant in Qatar forms the backbone of QALCO’s manufacturing operations and the foundation of our business model. With a blending capacity of 99,000 Metric Tonnes, QALCO operates multiple blending kettles catering to various batch sizes which are installed for the blending of lubricants and oil field chemicals. Equipped with the latest technology provided by Allen Bradley and featuring an automated filling line with interconnected processes, this facility is capable of performing Automated Batch Blending procedure with amazing efficiency. This blending facility features an automated filling line for smaller packaging and drums interconnecting production and filling processes. As a testament to high quality standards of technology and reliability, QALCO plant is certified with ISO 9001 for Quality Management and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. QALCO’s proprietary formulations and top-quality raw materials gives QALCO family of lubricants and chemicals their unique strength and properties.

Plastic Factory

In-house plastic packaging facility catering to QALCO’s requirements was established in 1999. With a total production capacity of over 2 million cans per annum QALCO’s plastic factory is outfitted with three units of blow molding machines capable of producing wide range of packaging. Additionally, two units of injection molding machines for caps ensure full autonomy in generating market requirement of small packing. Thanks to this equipment, the plant is fully independent and can serve our needs for professional packaging of any size, from the smallest units to large cans.

Grease Facility 

Grease manufacturing is another business segment to be introduced, and it was made possible by building a state-of-the-art facility specifically for this purpose. It has a designed single shift capacity of 3,000 MT per year. This facility is capable to produce variety of automotive, industrial and specialty greases that meet and exceed NLGI and ASTM set standards. The composition of QALCO’s grease products is based on scientific analysis and controlled daily by a qualified team of chemists.  This plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art testing laboratory capable of performing all major tests including grease penetration, dropping point, oil separation and base number. Thus, QALCO brings together the latest technology and the most advanced knowledge to ensure the highest level of quality for all products from this manufacturing line.


Well-furnished laboratory staffed by top professionals represents a key asset that drives QALCO’s continued success. In addition to our internal needs, the lab also serves as the foundation of the Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) program that offers oil analysis to our customers as a part of our after-sales support. We are capable of conducting a wide range of tests to determine the exact composition of lubes and chemical and detect the presence of any impurities. Equipped with modern technology for chemical experiments and data analysis, this facility has a crucial role for keeping QALCO on the cutting edge of product design and quality control.

Warehousing & Bulk Storage 

QALCO relishes the benefit of having its own independent warehouse and bulk storage tanks. With multiple warehouses located within the facility, QALCO is capable of handling and storing all types of hazardous and non-hazardous materials regardless of the packaging sizes supported by efficient inventory control system and well experienced staff. All QALCO storage facilities are well designed with adequate ventilation as well as fire protection systems. In addition to the dry warehouse, a bulk storage terminal has been established with a total capacity of 30,000 MT dedicated for the storage of raw materials, chemicals and finished products.