QALCO provides customized solutions to its clientele which include contract chemical manufacturing / toll blending, terminal and bulk chemical storage solutions, warehousing, containerization, transloading and access to a state-of-the-art laboratory designed to provide quality assurance and control. This chemicals division is operated in partnership with a US based chemicals industry leader Third Coast International. QALCO covers the entire process from blending and quality control to storage and delivery, making it a valuable supplier for large scale clients in need of chemical products and services.


Toll Blending

QALCO owns a fully equipped chemicals blending facility which enables it to offer toll blending services for a wide range of clients. Blending kettles made of carbon steel & stainless steel with a capacity of 55,000 MT per annum single shift are installed which cater to the production of batch sizes ranging from 1 MT to 40 MT. Outfitted with nitrogen blanketing, this blending facility meets the highest fire and safety standards. With its highly efficient blending facility and well experienced team of professionals, QALCO chemicals division is capable of producing water as well as oil based chemical blends. Hazardous and solid chemicals handling and warehousing adds on to the range of services provided by QALCO. Confidentiality being the key aspect, QALCO handles all proprietary information with strict document control protocols.

Technology Partner

Bulk Storage

Chemicals division being the latest addition to the group, QALCO has invested heavily in the chemicals related infrastructure considering the regional need and market potential. It has established a dedicated tank farm for bulk chemicals storage with more than 30 tanks made of both carbon steel and stainless steel. With a total capacity in excess of 10,000 MT, the tank sizes range from 200m3 to 500m3 and are equipped with nitrogen blanketing and heated coil system. The operations of this tank farm are further enhanced by 2 dedicated stainless-steel pipelines from jetty to bulk storage tanks. This direct jetty access allows QALCO to handle bulk chemical cargos.


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